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Jimmy Bruce


Auto Insurance

Drivers have different needs for auto insurance.  Some simply want basic coverage. In Mississippi, that’s 25K per person Bodily injury, 50k per accident, and 25k in Property. It looks like this: 25/50/25.

  • Those that have more "at risk" need more coverage. Example 100/300/100. There are not many 100k dollar cars out there but this would also cover if you hit someone’s house. Uninsured motorists fall into this category also. This is not mandatory, but nice to have.

  • Collision covers damage to your car that is your fault. Example you run off the road and hit a tree. Deductibles apply.

  • Comprehensive usually covers things such as, but not limited to: deer, hail, theft, vandalism, fire and glass.

Then you have what I call "bells and whistles," like break-down coverage, road side assistance, rental car (in case your car is damaged they provide a rental).

Whatever your needs may be, it begins with us talking together and figuring out "together" what your coverage needs to be. Contact me today!  

Homeowners Insurance

A common mistake is thinking "I only paid 100K for my home, so I only need 100K in insurance".  This can be a very costly oversight.  For adequate coverage, you must consider the "replacement value" of the home, which includes the increase in your home's value since you bought it - plus, the inflated current price of rebuilding.   

The contents of your home are another consideration.  Just look around and think of the cost if you had to buy all of your “stuff” again. Remember that home insurance is not always a rubber stamp purchase and cheaper is not always better.   

If you are under-insured and have a loss, you might not be able to recover.  In that case, your loss would be the home, the contents, PLUS all the premiums you paid out for nothing!  Your Homeowners' Policy should protect you from "losing everything and starting over from scratch." 

There are many other mistakes made by agents that sell a "standard policy" to a client.  It's important to have a professional that understands these concepts to cover you - specifically.  Trust the Bruce Agency to guide you through the home insurance selection process.

Here at The Bruce Agency we strive to offer a varied and wide range of counsel to protect and grow your business.  We offer a full range of Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Commercial Insurance, and Long-Term Care Insurance.  Relationships start with the first introduction.  It costs nothing to introduce yourself and could save you millions.  Contact us today.



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